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100g Pouch of Smoked Sea Salt by Smoky Brae for seasoning steak, eggs & tomatoes

Smoked Sea Salt

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A GREAT TASTE WINNING 2 STAR - Delicious sea salt naturally smoked in our traditional smokehouse.

Smoky Brae's Smoked Sea Salt is handcrafted in Scotland by a kilted Highlander in our family run smokehouse. Every grain has been traditionally smoked low and slow using a secret blend of hardwoods to create our delicious natural SMOKY sea salt.

Smoky Seasoning
Sprinkle or grind over eggs, potatoes, meats or seafood for a delicious hint of smoke. Add to soups, stews, pies, roasts, rubs and vegetables for that little bit extra.

Coarse sea salt - 100g

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
Gluten free.

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