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Smoky Gravlax (Gravadlax)

Smoky Gravlax

Cure your own delicious smoky salmon (or Trout) using our uniquely blended smoked gravadlax cure mix.


1 x fillet of very fresh salmon with skin (recipe below based on 450g fillet)
50g Smoked Gravlax Cure to each 450g of fish
Bunch of fresh dill


1.   Pat your fish dry and place cut side down in a suitable dish (ceramic or glass is perfect) around the same size of your salmon
2.   Throughly mix the smoked gravlax cure and sprinkle 25g of the mix onto the skin rubbing in gently and evenly
3.   Flip the fish over and repeat with 25g of cure on the cut side
4.   If using dill (recommended) press this into the fish
5.   Cover dish with cling film and leave to cure for 36-72 hours (36 hour minimum), turning every 12 hours - the longer you leave it the more firm a texture
6.   Remove from dish, discard the liquid, rinse the salmon under cold water and slice very thinly
7.   Enjoy!

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