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Not many things can top freshly cooked homemade donuts covered in Smoked sugar.


1 tbsp - yeast
1.5 tbsp - caster sugar
150ml - milk (warmed)
225g -plain flour
1/4 tsp -salt
50g - butter (melted)
1 x egg (beaten)
300ml - vegetable oil for deep-frying
2-3 tbsp - smoked sugar (for coating donuts)

Prep time:        1-2 hours
Cook time:       4 minutes
Makes 12

1.    Mix yeast with half teaspoon of caster sugar & two tablespoons of the warm milk. Leave to rest for 15 mins in warm place.
2.    Sift flour & salt into bowl. Stir in the rest of the caster sugar.
3.    Pour the yeast mix into flour along with the rest of milk, melted butter & egg.  Mix to make a dough then leave to stand for 45 mins.
4.    On floured surface, knead dough for five mins, then divide into 12 balls.  Place in warm place for 30mins.
5.    Heat the oil in pan until reaches about 190C/375F (Never leave oil unattended).
6.    Gently lower dough balls into hot oil in batches of two or three, fry for 2 minutes (or until golden brown), then turn over and repeat.
7.    Remove from oil and drain on kitchen towel.
8.    Sprinkle Smoky Brae Smoked Sugar all over the donuts.
9.    Sit down, share and enjoy.


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